Aaron Young ’14: Your Local Sports Reporter

At Simpson, you can find his name on the Men’s Baseball roster and in the sports section of The Simpsonian. Now, you can also find his name in the sports section of the Indianola Record-Herald.

Young is currently a beat writer for Indianola High School athletics and its sports teams.

“This fall, I am the newspaper’s head contact for six Indianola high school fall sports,” Young said. “I attend all home events and communicate clearly with athletes and coaches for recaps and feature articles.”

Young puts his Integrated Marketing Communications major to work and uses Twitter for live-tweeting updates for the athletic games he attends. Passionate about capturing action on tape, Young also shoots video for interviews and highlights of the games.

He credits his success as a journalist for the Indianola Record-Herald to Simpson Student Media.

“I started as a sports reporter my junior year to now being the Sports Content Director as a senior,” Young said. “Being the only guy covering sports for Simpson Student Media can sometimes be a little too much, but I live for it and love what I do.”

He produces high quality content for The Simpsonian and he has awards to show for it. Young received two first-place awards at ICMA (Iowa College Media Association) for his sports writing which sealed the deal in his passion for journalism.

“I credit Simpson for the success I’ve had so far,” he said. “From learning the many skills in news writing and reporting to being as organized and communicable as can be, Simpson provided me with a strong base to work off of and beyond.”

For prospective sports reporters, Young has valuable advice to provide them.

“Start early and never be scared,” he said. “The saying “there is no such thing as a dumb question” is so true in journalism, because you’re trying to figure out all the facts, 100 percent correct. Be a part of student media as early as you can, because you will surely see personal growth in your confidence as well as your skills. Also, stay up-to-date with current news and interests. I practically live off of Twitter and that’s where I pick up the majority of my information to stay in the loop, so the more you surround yourself with news and articles, the better you will be overall. But the most important thing I think I’ve learned is constructive criticism is never a bad thing, it will improve your abilities in the end. Oh, and live off your AP Stylebook. That will become your second Bible.”

He will be graduating in the spring and he said he will be pursuing a career in sports and communications without a doubt.

You can find one of Young’s articles at the Indianola Record-Herald here.

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