May Term 2014 International Travel Course Offered by the History Department

HIST 197 In the Trenches of World War I: London, Paris, and Battlefields (Rebecca Livingstone & Judy Walden)

World War I was one of the most significant turning points in European history: it destroyed empires, rewrote social norms, and shattered the optimism and complacency of the 19th century. In May 2014, one hundred years since the outbreak of World War I, we will travel to some of the key battle sites of the war to understand the experiences of the soldiers in the trenches of the Western Front. We will also visit some of the numerous monuments, markers, and cemeteries of the Great War to understand how the war was remembered and commemorated on the European landscape.

Priority deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For more information, contact Prof. Livingstone or Prof. Walden.

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