Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics Presentation on HiMCM

On October 23, Rick Spellerberg, Professor of Mathematics at Simpson, Vicki Hamdorf, a math teacher at North Cedar High School, and a group of North Cedar High School students gave a presentation at the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual meeting at Iowa State University.  The student presenters participated in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) all four years of high school.

In the presentation, Rick introduced the attendees to the competition and talked about the value of competition from a college professor’s perspective.  For Vicki’s part, she talked about the logistics involved in organizing the event and gave tips on things to do to assure the students have an enjoyable experience.  The students added their thoughts on what they valued from the experience of competing.

North Cedar is one of the first schools from Iowa that started participating in the competition due to outreach activities at Simpson College.  Vicki also served as a Master Teacher in the first summer workshop Simpson hosted that prepared teachers and students for the competition.


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