Learn what it’s like to be The Simpsonian’s Editor – Julia Warfield ’14

Ever wondered what it would be like to manage a college newspaper?

Julia Warfield ’14 serves as The Simpsonian’s Editor-in-Chief and said the position has provided her with the skills necessary to succeed in the communications industry. Warfield is an integrated marketing communications with a creative concentration. She started working for the paper as a second semester sophomore and has only moved on up.

“My first position was a Staff Reporter and I had a lot of fun with that position,” she said. “I mainly wrote movie, album and restaurant reviews. My next position on staff was in advertising. I worked as an Advertising Sales Representative. I enjoyed this position because I got to learn about a whole different aspect of Student Media.”

Warfield was the Social Media Director as a second semester junior and dove deeper into Simpson Student Media. With media turning into a 24/7 outlet, she maintained a multimedia presence for The Simpsonian.

“It was fun working with all of the Student Media outlets promoting events, stories and radio shows,” she said. “I believe holding a variety of positions has really helped with in the role of Editor-in-Chief because I have an idea of what goes on in all of our outlets.”

Warfield said she loves working with Simpson Student Media because it keeps the campus community engaged and informed.

“My favorite part of Student Media is seeing people on campus pick up the paper and read it.,” she said. “Every week, I hear about new people who are avid readers of the paper and I get this feeling that everything we do throughout the week finally means something, kind of like bring it all full circle.”

The leadership position of being Editor-in-Chief keeps Warfield busy all the time, but she enjoys it.

“My day-to-day duties basically involve making sure all of the editors and other staff members have an assignment for the week and answering any questions they have,” she said. “It could mean giving people ideas for a source, or helping someone edit their story.”

Warfield’s leadership position also allows her to see the reporters under her grow in news writing and understanding what is considered worthy news content.

“I try to be an encourager and motivator more than anything else,” she said. “I want my staff to know I am here for them for whatever they may need.”

Working for The Simpsonian has shaped Warfield’s entire college career.

“I would tell prospective students that working for a college publication is the best hand on experience they could get while in school,” she said. “We are run like a professional newspaper and the experience you get while working with a college publication will give you the skills you need to succeed in the professional world.”

Warfield still manages to find time to balance outside activities even though the position of Editor-in-Chief keeps her busy. She is involved with Pi Beta Phi and is co-chair of the marketing committee for Campus Activities Board. If there’s any event on campus, she’s either organizing it or covering a story on it.

“Simpson Student Media is definitely a top priority and I just have that mindset. If a staff member has a question or concern, I try to get in touch with them as soon as possible,” she said. “I guess I just want staff members know I am available whenever they need me so I will do whatever possible to make them my top priority.”

She’s even held many internships during her time at Simpson, even though Simpson Student Media is a top priority.

“While at Simpson, I interned with the Public Relations Office,” she said. “This was a good experience because I learned a lot about writing and working with people who I may not necessarily work with on a daily basis. I also interned at GuideOne Insurance in West Des Moines. I really enjoyed my time at GuideOne and my writing skills improved tons during this experience.”

Warfield has brought her wealth of communication skills to Simpson Student Media, especially for the school year of 2013-14. She said she hopes to see the paper and its reputation on campus grow even more as the media industry undergoes many changes in this world.

If anyone is interested in learning about The Simpsonian or the Communications and Media Studies Department, feel free to contact any faculty members or Julia Warfield herself at julia.warfield@my.simpson.edu.



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