Courtney Klyn: Cargill

By: Jessica Soko, Career Coach

What was she up to this summer?
Courtney Klyn worked at Cargill in a research and development lab as an intern this past summer.  As a biochemistry senior, the summer internship opportunity was perfect for the lab work experience Courtney needed. She sampled fermenters, performed analytical tests and even performed small experiments of her own. Her work done at the lab was recorded, graphed and posted on Cargill’s project website.

What strengths did she utilize in her internship?
With a challenging yet friendly work environment, she found that working within a trial and error research setting could be frustrating at times.  But with the positivity the scientists displayed and their obvious love for their work, she found a new outlook to the trial and error research setting that lead her to being excited about the possibility of starting something new.

How did she find out about her internship?
“I’ve known about Cargill all my life, but never really understood what they did there. I contacted a family friend, who used to work at the Research and Development building at the Cargill site in Eddyville [and] was able to get a tour of the building and an internship,” Courtney Klyn.  Leaning on your personal network for internship and job leads can be a great starting point when looking for opportunities.

Why does Courtney feel it’s important for students to intern?
“I think it is very important for Simpson students to do an internship because it provides them with the experience before they graduate college,” Courtney Klyn. Courtney went on to explain how important experience in the work field can be and the value it adds to a resume when it comes to job hunting.

What advice does she have for future interns?
“Don’t be scared when beginning an internship. It’s hard not to be nervous, but go into the internship with an open mind, [and be] willing to learn because you might end the internship with a job opportunity after graduation. If you show respect, willingness to learn, and work dedication, then your internship will be successful,” Courtney Klyn.