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Simpson sophomore Tori Halloran takes a break on Brick Lane

Simpson sophomore Tori Halloran takes a break on Brick Lane

Living in a city like London has a lot artistic perks, compared to Indianola. There’s free museums practically everywhere, so no matter what your favorite style is you are bound to find a haunt dedicated to your preferred artists. Even people who aren’t ‘art fans’ enjoy a good visit to the Tate Modern Art Museum. But a big perk to studying abroad isn’t just the well known spaces. Take a spin on a bike or just pound the sidewalks and you’ll find my favorite pieces- on the walls and streets of London!

by Kate Hayden

Street art culture is one of the more unique quirks I’ve discovered living here. Whether you find it a public nuisance or intriguing, it’s all over the city. You are just as likely to find it behind your flat as you will in central London, although in my opinion the best pieces are usually found in and around Brick Lane, an area in East London known as much for it’s graffiti artists as the local vintage and ‘indie’ shopping. Banksy, the most well-known British street artist, has previously left his mark here, although to my disappointment he’s currently in New York City, so no new pieces for a while. There’s even walking tours devoted to graffiti: Alternative London hosts walking and bike tours to find art only the locals could tell you about. I’ve already booked my tour for the end of October (it’s popular!) and I’m so excited for it.

B. Brave

Generally, the most creative and diverse neighborhoods are the most tolerant of street art, so it’s not hard to find a great little ethnic food stall when you’re hungry or independent designer’s shop for a unique gift. Whether it’s as small as a sticker on the back of a lightpost or as large as a two-story wall, keep your eyes spotted for some creative pieces when you visit cities abroad. It’ll open your eyes to a completely different way of life from our campus town!

Stoplight Sticker



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