McBride Lecture brings Lawrence C. Smith to Simpson College

As a small liberal arts college, Simpson students are exposed to a thorough education through the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum in addition to their focus area in business.  The college hosts a number of guest lectures, panels, and artistic experiences throughout the year to which all students are encouraged to attend.

This past Wednesday, Simpson Forum hosted in Smith Chapel Lawrence C. Smith, “one of the world’s most respected climate scientists” Professor and Chair of Geography and Professor of Earth & Space Sciences at UCLA.  A large body of students, faculty and staff gathered to listen to Dr. Smith discuss global climate change from a scientific, non-partisan perspective.  Dr. Smith shared his theory of “The New North” – how climate change will more greatly impact the countries lining the Arctic Circle through changing shipping channels and the fight for oil drilling rights.SImpson Forum Events Logo

We honor former Simpson College President Robert Edward McBride (1979-1897 d. 2008) through this 26th annual lecture in his name.  Find more information about the lecture and other Simpson Forum events on the Simpson Forum Website.

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