Spring 2014 Courses: War, Women, and Games

There will be lots of interesting classes to choose from in the History department this spring.  In addition to Western Civ and U.S. History surveys, you can learn about women and gender in the U.S. (HIST 222) or Europe (HIST 322).  You can take a trip across the Atlantic to Merrie Olde England (HIST 232) or stay closer to home with History of Iowa (HIST 355).  Want the excitement of the big city?  Try Urban History (HIST 390).  And for all you American history buffs, the American Civil War (HIST 363) is a great option.

Students who like historical simulations will find many options to choose from this spring: you can be a French revolutionary or an Enlightenment philosopher (HIST 112), a Greenwich village bohemian or an anarchist (HIST 222), a wealthy factory owner or a desperate worker (HIST 232), or a Kentucky general (HIST 363).  If you like computer simulations, try building your ideal virtual city and see how it compares to historical cities (HIST 390).

For more information on any of the History offerings for spring, see the History faculty in Mary Berry.