Three students attend the Women in Computing Conference

Dr. Lydia Sinapova took three Simpson students to the October 18-19 Midwest conference for Women in Computing in Kansas City. Keynote speakers included Nora Denzel, a former executive from HP and IBM, and Sara Granger, an award winning innovator in digital media.

“The WINK WIC Conference was an incredible experience. There were so many women who are successful in the CS and IT fields. Not only did I learn an impossible amount of information about how to be in high demand in Computer Science when I’m looking for a job, but I was able to get rid of any anxiety I had about feeling inferior as a woman in a male dominated field. This conference is a wonderful resource for any woman looking to get a career in the computer science or IT fields. I would definitely go again.” – Anna Littlejohn

“Attending the MINK WIC conference was an eye opening experience for me. It helped me to realize how many women have overcome the same feelings of inadequacy from being minority in the computer science field. The knowledge that I gained will help me move forward. Knowing that such successful women that have had the same feelings that I am experiencing and have been in my shoes makes me even more determined to claim and defend my position in this field.” –¬†Kendra Klocke


2013 MINK WIC Conference, photo from ACM at

2013 MINK WIC Conference, photo from ACM at