Finding success in Emerge@Simpson

Abby Miller is a senior double majoring in management and music.  This semester, she is taking the Senior Management Seminar with Professor Bob DeGraaff and has gotten involved with the Emerge@Simpson business incubator.  Abby is working on a project new this semester called Modern Dickens.Modern Dickens logo

Modern Dickens has been a collaboration of Emerge@Simpson Director, Chris Draper, the Iowa Arts Council and Des Moines Social Club.  Thus far, the project has seen two serial novels to completion with e-books published in 2011 and 2013.  Moving into a project of the incubator, a team of students is determining feasibility, setting long-term goals and handling the hands-on marketing and promotion of the project and eventually the 3rd book.

Students in the Senior Management Seminar had a choice of projects on which they would like to work.  After some deliberation, Abby chose the Modern Dickens project because of her creative interests and the similarities between a marketing a written work and her future goal of owning a recording studio.

Simpson-College-Press LogoIn collaboration with her team members and the Simpson College Department of English, Abby has developed Simpson College Press, attracted writers to submit their work for chapters 1 and 2 of the newest book, and worked on long-term planning goals.

Emerge@Simpson provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with start-up businesses, moving the businesses in new directions, developing goals, performing analysis of objectives and more.  The students involved with the projects will get a stake in any future profitable ventures that come out of their work.

Any budding authors interested in submitting work to be considered should go to

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