Help create a giant Tetris board!

Help construct a giant Tetris board! We will be working with balsa wood, poster board, hot-glue guns, and LED chains to assemble the board. Dr. Craven has proto-typed one 5×5 module as seen here. To assemble the board a total of nine more modules are needed. (Standard Tetris is played on a 10 by 22 grid, this will give us a 10×25 board.)

We hope to get the board completely assembled Monday night. After Monday we will hook the board up to a Raspberry Pi computer running a Python script. Then we can program a giant version of Tetris controllable via a web interface for mobile phones.

Come to Carver Science Building in Indianola on December 2 2013 at 6:30 pm. We will meet in the CS lab and then find an open room to work in, probably 231 or 240. If you have any extra x-acto knives, cutting boards, or glue guns bring them along.