John Cord – Graduate Update

Mathematics and Economics double major John Cord (’13) recently accepted an offer from Franklin American Mortgage (FAM) to work as a Market Analyst.  Currently John is attending graduate school at Belmont University in their Master’s in Sports Administration program.  While in the program this fall John attended a Career Fair sponsored by Belmont that lead to interviews with three companies that all made offers.  FAM created a new position for John so they can start using big data and analytics to help their company grow.  It is hoped that John’s work will be successful and eventually lead to the development of a formal analytics department that John will head up.

FAM was interested in hiring John for this position due to the fact he enjoys working with large data sets and developing relevant models.  For fun, John has been developing his own models to predict offensive and defensive efficiencies for football teams and college football coaching outcomes.  FAM was also impressed with the fact that while at Simpson College John was a member of a 2013 Mathematical & Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling  team that earned a Meritorious Award on the Interdisciplinary problem.  Their solution finished in the top 136 of 1329 solutions submitted from around the world.  This outcome provided FAM ample evidence that John exceled working as a member of a team under a tight deadline and that he was capable of applying what he learned in the classroom.

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