Math and Economics Research Project

As a double major in Mathematics and Economics: Finance I have developed a fascination in what makes certain groups or companies perform better than others do. I am currently using Graph Theory to show how efficient networks are formed. Through this research I have gained more understanding of how organizations can form efficient networks, which can benefit any organization.  I am currently undecided on what career path I am going to pursue, however I am certain that with the skills set I have developed while at Simpson I will be able to pursue any option I choose.

During my research I looked into network formation based on cost and benefit. A network evolves when two entities mutually agree to create or remove a connection between them. Each connection has a cost and benefit associated with it. For example consider knowledge. Any given entity will gain knowledge from any other entity in which it is directly connected to. However, direct connections are not the only source of knowledge. An entity can and more than likely will gain knowledge from other entities in which it is not directly connected to. Depending on the cost and benefit there is a given network structure that will be the most efficient.

~Heather Malbon

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