Religion Senior Paper Presentations

The Simpson community is invited to hear senior religion majors present their research projects this Thursday, November 21, at 7:00 pm in Pioneer. Note the five presenters with their topics and approximate starting times below.

7:00 Becca Cali, “Mujeristas and Biblical Authority: Threat or Thrive?”
7:15 Ryan Willoughby, “The King James Bible: The Past’s Present to the Present”
7:30 Jessica Prowant, “Through Darkness and Pain: God’s Presence during Child Abuse and the Healing Process”
7:45 Jessica Olson, “The Beauty of Desire: Reordering Desire through Pauline tradition and the Song of Songs”
8:00 Annie Fullas, “Religious Liberty and Equal Protection: What To Do When Intrinsic Rights Conflict”

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