Style Me London!

If you’re planning on coming to London for SCLondon15, I have some advice for you. Leave the sweats at home! Okay, maybe bring one or two pairs, but don’t plan on wearing them to outside of your flat building. That’s just preposterous!

Well, I suppose you can wear them out if you really want to. You probably won’t see many people following your lead though. People don’t really wear sweats here unless they are going to or coming back from the gym. It’s not the outfit of choice like it seems to be back in Iowa. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

You’ll also probably notice that people in the UK don’t really follow anyone’s lead style-wise. They just kind of do their own thing. I suppose there are some hairstyles that may be celebrity influenced, and people typically wear the same types of clothing. For example, I think pretty much everyone wears, or at least owns, skinny jeans here. But somehow, people usually manage to make their outfits look unique. There’s not really a mold of how the typical Londoner dresses.

London Style, Study Abroad London, Photo Credit Matt Seaward

The residents of Bede 1 are headed to the races. Photo courtesy of Matt Seaward

Another thing you’ll likely notice? People like to dress up, or dress in fancy dress as they call it in the UK. In fact, there are even locales that require fancy dress. In my opinion one of the oddest locales to require such dress is the races (horse races). You definitely don’t see that too often at Prairie Meadows in Altoona!

So when you are packing for your London adventure in two years, think twice about packing that second pair of sweats. Maybe pack a nice shirt or two, a pair of dress trousers and a pair of nice shoes instead. And never ever use the full amount of room in your suitcase. Chances are you’ll go shopping (and no one like to pay for overweight luggage or that dreaded second bag). And who knows, maybe you’ll end up creating your very own London style.