Travel Course Opportunity

by Andrea Biklen

Dr. John Bolen will be leading a travel course to Japan in early summer 2014. Over the years that Dr. Bolen has taught the Japan: Kimonos and Blue Jeans course, many students have expressed an interest in travelling with him to Japan. We are offering an opportunity for you to join his travel course.

Dr. Bolen has written this description of the trip: “We are flying to Fukuoka, Japan on June 1 where we will spend six days, and from which we will travel by bullet train to Hiroshima and spend the day. We will also visit The Shrine of Tenjin, the 150 tall Jibbu Kanen, Canal City, and attend a baseball game. We will then travel by bullet train and spend three days in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. Kyoto is known for its beautiful gardens and temples.  Then we will fly back to the States on June 11 from Osaka, Japan.  We will also have an opportunity to meet adult students at Fukuoka jo Gakuin, where I used to teach.  We will see Japanese gardens, temples, castles and so much of the Japanese culture.”

The course dates will range between May 27 and July 17, with the actual travel occurring June 1-11. Preliminary costs are estimated to be $4700, which include: all travel, lodging, $60/day for meals, and the baseball game. Anyone participating in this travel course will be registered as a student. The class can be taken for 4 credits ($1420) or can be audited for 1 credit ($184).

If you have any interest in this travel course, Dr. Bolen will be holding an information session in early December. Even if you are not a current student at Simpson College, you can take advantage of this travel opportunity. Call 515-309-3099 for more information.

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