Connect-It Games

Along with my math major I am getting a secondary education minor and coaching minor.  With my degree I am planning on being a high school mathematics teacher.  throughout my classes in the education department I have leaned many ways to attempt to reach the students in different ways.  One very good way to reach students is to have them do something they think is fun but implement the subject into the task.  For my research program I studied Connect-It Games on graphs.  These are games that are played on a set of points and two players play against each other to either connect all the points or disconnect the points.

My topic was based on the mathematical paper “Connect-It Games” written by Frank Harary and Robert W. Robinson. In this I researched theorems in Graph Theory that prove who must win these graph games in certain scenarios. When there are a certain number of points on these graphs a certain player must win the game.  My goal in this research was to figure out who would always win the games and how they would play to be able to win. These games would be very good for students to play and then have them figure out who was always winning and making their own conjectures. I will be able to expand on this topic and look at more games that involve different types of math to help my education career.

~ Stacy Bergeson