Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

I took part in the in the design exposition at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. This year the festival took placeĀ at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. ACTF is split into multiple regions the Midwest is considered region 5 and is one of the biggest attended festivals across the country. The Design Expo like I stated earlier, has all of the designers in Region 5 competing for the best of their categories. There are two types of competition which is Regional and National. I took part in the National Competition. On the day of the Expo each designer meets with a judge and the designer presents their process and final product of their design. The expo wasn’t the only thing that occurred during the festival. Each year the colleges participating in region 5 perform plays and some of those play are invited to festival to be shown to the other schools. Each school had excellent designs and their shows were really good. attached is a photo of the Design Expo during my presentation.

~Tim Williams