Tom Sanford: United States Attorney’s Office

What is he up to?
Tom Sanford, Political Science major, is an intern for the United States Attorney’s Office.  Through his internship, he is tasked with filing and scanning documents, working reception, closing cases, filing closed cases and assisting with exhibit and trial preparation.   His position has bolstered his skills in organization, initiative, and ability to work with a team.   He has also been afforded the opportunity to observe and assist in the court and speak with many attorneys.

What has he learned about his career development through this internship?
Tom shared that his internship is teaching him a lot about both the government and the legal field.  It is also giving him many connections to help him advance in the future.

What did his supervisor have to say about his work?
Debra DeGraff, Supervisory Paralegal, shared, “Tom has worked out very well.  He shows his strength in time management and organization and is both reliable and dependable.”

How did he find out about his internship?
Tom received an email from the Career Services office.  Career Services is committed to sharing career opportunities with students and connecting them to great experiences.  If you are an employer looking to market an internship experience, please email Bobbi Meyer.

Why does he feel it is important for students to intern?
Tom commented, “I feel it is very important for students to intern, or even just job shadow, in order to get a more realistic view of what people working in certain fields actually do.  I would have been a biology major like both of my older brothers if I hadn’t job shadowed a surgeon in high school and passed out mid-surgery.  It’s also nice to make connections in the field you’re going into. I know that letters of recommendation from the US Attorney’s Office will be very helpful when I’m applying for law school next year.”

What advice does he have for students beginning an internship?
Tom suggested, “Be as outgoing as possible right from the start.  It might be intimidating at times, but if you aren’t trying to make connections and learn as much as you can about the place that you’re interning at then you might as well not even be there.”