Carver Clubs Host First Science Off

Question: Arrange these numbers from smallest to largest (see below for answer):

  • Number of stars in the Milky Way
  • Number of neurons in the human brain
  • Number of dollars in the national debt of the USA right now
  • Number of monthly Facebook users
  • Number of pizzas sold worldwide each year

ScienceOff (2)

Math Club partnered with Computer Science Club, Pre-Health Society, and Environmental Awareness Club to host the first Science Off on Thursday, January 30, 2014. The Science Off is a sciences-themed trivia competition similar to Jeopardy in teams. There are two rounds of 25 club-submitted questions each to build up the points and a final round of one question where the teams can wager as many or few points as they would like. The event is open to all undergraduates at Simpson.

Five teams of three turned out for the jovial competition. Math Club President Kelly Bruett and Vice President Taylor Gehrls served as moderators. Student Government Association provided popcorn and Math Club provided soda and M&M’s.

Andy Becker, Matt Christen, and Park Mikels as Team McWilliams won first place, $60 to keep, and $45 to put in a club budget of their choice. Zoey Hogue, Noah Hartman, and Connor McDermott as Team Overreacting won second place and $30. Andrew Dexter, Kayce Olbrich, and Lauren Schemmel as The Helicases (We Unzip Your Genes) won third place and $15.

This event was a success in bolstering the community atmosphere in Carver Science Center. Thanks to everyone who helped out or donated to the event!


  • 1.3 billion monthly Facebook users
  • 5 billion pizzas sold worldwide per year
  • 85 – 100 billion neurons in the human brain
  • 400 billion stars in the Milky Way
  • $17.3 trillion in USA national debt