Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

KCACTFMy time at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival was entertaining and informative.  I spent the week in workshops, receiving helpful information on how to further my career in theatre. Two things that I participated in were professional auditions and the LMDA/KCACTF Dramaturgy award.

I served as dramaturg for Theatre Simpson’s production of The Women of Lockerbie. I took my actors packet, script with notes, high school theatre festival packet, and rehearsal reports to KCACTF in a protocol that was entered in the competition. I also make a poster that displayed some information and photos of my progress. A dramaturg hired by the festival judged my protocol and poster against thirteen other contestants work. We had a response session the day after and I received a lot of helpful critiques and compliments. Seeing him respond to others work was also helpful because it gave me ideas to use next time I dramaturg. I want to explore using social media as a way to spread information to the cast.

I passed a screening process at school before leaving for KCACTF, giving the clear for me to audition for professional companies. I sat in a room of twenty people and watched them all audition for six companies. I felt my audition was strong and well done. I was proud of how I performed. I did not get called back for any companies. Next year I plan on preparing a musical selection as well because I feel that is a better way to get work during the summer.

At KCACTF, I was busy with my competition and auditions; however, I still had time to see a lot of fun things. I saw 4 full productions, a costume parade, selected scenes from region 5 colleges, and Irene Ryan Scholarship participant’s scenes. Getting to watch theatre for a week reminds me why I decided this was the life I wanted for myself. There is no better life than one lead creating new things. I may not be sure of what field I want, but I know theatre is what I want to do with my life. I am so thankful for the opportunities Simpson gives me, like going to KCACTF, to better myself.

~Gillian Randall