Mathematical/Interdisciplinary Contests in Modeling

Starting at 7pm on Thursday, February 6 and continuing for the next four days, 69 Simpson students, more than 5% of our full-time enrollment, will participate in the international MCM/ICM competition.

Students in teams of three work for 96 hours on an open-ended, interdisciplinary, real-world problem that can be approached from a computational, mathematical or scientific approach. They have to understand the problem, solve it, test the solution and report the results all in four days, while developing their skills in oral and written communication, time management, project management, collaboration, critical thinking, information literacy, quantitative reasoning and others. The problems can be about anything, but of the three problems to choose from this year there is a good chance that one will be on social networking.

At 7:00pm on Thursday February 6, 2014, the problems will be posted.

The competition is open to all students who do not already have a 4-year degree, and the registration fees are generously provided by SGA. The 69 participants this year come from 26 different majors (Actuarial Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science , Criminal Justice, Economics, Economics and Finance, Exercise Science, German, History, Honors in Mathematics, IIM Applied Statistics, International Relations, Mathematics, Music-BA, Physics, Physics/Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Studio Art).

There are 19 First-year students, 24 Sophomores, 13 Juniors and 13 Seniors. Some of the seniors have participated 4 times in the MCM/ICM and more counting other modeling competitions.