And the Winner of the Pi-K Run is…


On Friday, March 21st, Math Club & Tri Club celebrated Pi Day by hosting the first annual Pi-K run!! (3.14 kilometers is approximately 1.95 miles.) Students were given three pie related questions before the race. Each correct answer eliminated 30 seconds from their race time. The top three finishers received gift cards for pie at Funaros.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Laura Alt won with a time of 14:12 minus 1:30 for 3 correct math problems.

Meredith Harrison was second with a time of 14:00 minus 1:00 for 2 correct math problems.

Dillon Diering placed third with a time of 15:28 minus 1:00 for 2 correct math problems.







Thank you to all participants!

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