Katie Purvis – 2014

Katie Purvis at her internship at the Salisbury House. At the Salisbury House I am learning new skills that will better my understanding of what it takes to catalog, store and clean items; understand placement for different artifacts in the house based on the period that is chosen to be represented in the House’s life; as well as giving tours of Salisbury House.

I am learning how to apply what I learned in the classroom as well as from the department, to understand the concept of Public History and how it differs from teaching or working at the college level with history. These skills are a small scratch on the surface of what it takes to understand the logistics of running a Historical House, but the current Curator, Megan Stout-Sibbel, is fantastic at answering any questions and providing ways to learn these skills.  Having an Internship through Simpson has really solidified my reasoning behind being a History Major and has brought a good sense of direction of what I am to do with my career path when I graduate.

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