Learning TV on the other side of the world

Steffi Lee left the US for the central European country of Poland just a couple of weeks ago.  Through the exchange agreement with The State Higher Vocational School in Krosno, Poland, two Simpson students study at the school each spring semester, while two Polish students study here in the fall.

Steffi is a sophomore Multimedia Journalism major with a focus on TV broadcasting.  She has already completed internships in the field including one at the Des Moines NBC affiliate, WHO-TV in summer 2013 where she prepared a number of packages for the station.

Since arriving in Poland, both students have settled into their new apartment close to the college and arranged their coursework.  They are taking courses in the English department with both international students and Polish students studying the language.   Part of the work the students will do this semester includes an internship experience.  Steffi has started working at a local TV station shadowing one of their reporters and doing work of her own.  Reflecting on the experience, Steffi said,

“The biggest challenge is the language barrier.  I work through an interpreter with the cameramen, but it is a challenge for me to know what is happening in the community…The approach to reporting is the same though; the reporter looks for stories that can have an impact on the community.”

Steffi recently prepared a package of her own about the international students at the college including a focus on the Muslim students and everyone’s efforts to learn English and advance their students. The story was subtitled in Polish for the local audience, but Steffi got to voice the story herself. She said the news director is excited to bring new perspectives and stories to the station.

In regards to life in a small Polish city, Steffi has great things to say.  The town is bigger than Simpson’s home in Indianola, but smaller than Des Moines.  There are plenty of places to go eat and explore in addition to the planned trips to Krakow and other big cities.

We’ll catch up with the other Simpson student in Poland, Kristin Richert, in a few weeks!