Math Club Meeting Minutes

Math Club Meeting Minutes

2/25/2014 at 4:30 p.m. with Tri Club in the lounge area outside of the fitness center in Kent

We made decisions about the PiK walk/run.

Event Date and Time: 3/21 at 4:45 p.m.

General plan: The PiK is a celebration of Pi Day. We will gather in Carver Atrium at 4:45 and spend 15 minutes solving 3 quantitative reasoning difficulty math problems. For each question right, a participant will receive 30 seconds off of his or her race time. Then we will run or walk 3.14 kilometers, which is 1.95 miles. Afterwards there will be pie, water, games, and announcement of winners in the Carver Atrium. Gift cards for Funaros will be given to the top 3 winners – $25, $15, and $10.

Our budget is $160. We will spend $60 on the gift cards and $100 on the pie and water.


  • Kelly will order and pick up the pies and gift cards from Funaros.
  • Geoff will design the route, which will be 3.14 kilometers and begin and end at Carver.
  • Taylor and Kelly will chalk the route the day of and include fun math designs.
  • We will not have people positioned around the route to direct runners.
  • Kylie and Kelly will design the math questions.
  • Matt and Nick will keep track of participant names, times, and time reductions.
  • Taylor will start advertising the week before Spring Break. We will reach out to faculty and staff to participate.
  • Nick will contact Nicole Darling with Intramurals to borrow beanbags and ladder golf. ​

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