Scholar Gradebook: Dropping Lowest Grade

Someone recently asked me whether Scholar can drop the lowest grade in the gradebook.  The answer is yes.  You can even specify the exact number of low grades to drop.  For example, I don’t accept daily homework assignments that are late. Instead, I drop the lowest homework grades.  Once you are in your Scholar gradebook, use the drop-down menu to see the Full View.  Look at the headings across the top.  At the right, you’ll see one that lets you specify the number of low grades to drop.  There is a short video (less than 2 minutes) on YouTube that demonstrates how to do this in Moodle (the generic, non-Simpson version of Scholar): If you use Excel to calculate your grades this video will demonstrate how to drop the lowest two scores:  If you want to drop the lowest three scores, replace {1,2} in the video demonstration with {1,2,3}.