Starting the job search with some help from Career Services

Students in the Multimedia Journalism senior seminar course had some dedicated time for job preparation a few weeks ago.  Bobbi Meyer, Internship Coordinator in the Simpson Career Services office, visited the class in late February.  As a group of seniors who have Bobbi Meyer Visits MMJ Semiall had great internship experiences, this class was looking for deeper information about the job search process.  “We covered a few tips on applications and interviewing, but we spent more time talking about how they are feeling about the job search.  Many of these students are looking not just for a job, but a career at an organization they feel good about.  We discussed networking tips and where to search to find positions with the right fit so they can match their values to their career.”

Professor Brian Steffen had invited Bobbi to speak with the students to offer some additional advice as they begin their career search.

The students also discussed the recent change in attitudes towards careers.  The job they begin in May will not necessarily be the job they are at in 3 years which will be different still from the job they have 20 years from now.  The benefit of getting a degree from a college of liberal arts like Simpson is that the students have a broad education and have learned how to learn and adapt.  They will be able to switch career fields and thrive in new environments.

The coming weeks will bring a flurry of activity in their coursework and a number of job interviews.