Corporate Networking course connects students with alumni

Corporate Networking May Term 2014 Students hear from employees and leaders at Young Women's Resource CenterStudents in Professor Mueller’s Corporate Networking May Term course are connecting daily with alumni and other professionals in central Iowa.  Each day, the students pile into a van and drive off to another organization somewhere in the Des Moines region.  So far, students have visited corporations and non-profits of various sizes and met with c-suite directors and other employees.  They visited the Young Women’s Resource Center in Des Moines, Keystone Electrical Manufacturing, Albaugh, Inc, the Greater Des Moines Partnership and they have spent two class periods at The Principal Financial Group.

At The Principal Financial Group, students also had the opportunity to lunch with a gathered group of 43 Simpson alumni who work in diverse areas of the organization while also learning from alum and Senior Vice President and CFO, Terry Lillis.

Corporate Networking May Term 2014 Students hear from Terry Lillis at The Principal Financial GroupOne must have table stakes, the expertise and knowledge of a specific area and the ability to speak about them knowledgably.  

You must be able to communicate and share your ideas.  If you always agree, you aren’t needed.  Instead, you must add to conversations with opinions based on knowledge. 

You must be engaged and strive to continue to learn everything you can.  To do this, one should seek a mentor as well as become a mentor.

You must be committed to self-development. 

You must find a work/life balance.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work, but you must have flexibility in how you balance your work and life.

Ask questions:

1)      To gain more knowledge for self

2)      To make others talk (engage them)

3)      To generate knowledge and make people think


Students in the course come from a variety of majors including business, communications, and more.  They spend a couple Corporate Networking May Term 2014 Students meet at Keystonehours each day during this three week term in class learning about networking and business management as well as doing these site visits.  Some seniors are using this course as a chance to make connections as they continue their job search and others are younger students who are just beginning to think about the type of work environment they will enjoy as they enter the workforce in a couple of years.

We thank all of the business professionals who are taking time to speak with the students about networking, business or non-profit management and their own path to success.  More photos (updated regularly throughout the course) can be found on our facebook page here: