Finding her passion

In the Co-Op 119 May Term, Simpson staff from the Career Services office teach students to develop career readiness skills.  First year student, Morgan Ryan, finished this class on last week and walked us through the benefits.

“The class is a mix of classroom lectures and exercises about resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn and that sort of thing and job-shadowing.  To be in the class, we had to have permission from businesses to complete a total of 40 hours of job-shadowing.  Professor Mueller helped set up my experiences at Iowa Association of Business and Industry and EMC Insurance.”

I was at ABI for five days shadowing Kay Neumann Thomas, VP of Programs at the ABI foundation.  Ms. Neumann-Thomas spends almost all day in meetings, so I followed her from the office to off-site locations as they work to plan Leadership Iowa, Leadership Iowa University and Business Horizons.”

After her time at ABI, Morgan moved to a new job site location at EMC Insurance where she shadowed 7 people over the course of one day.  Everyone from an entry level programmer up to high level managers including two Simpson Alumni: Zach Feser  who began at EMC just two years ago and Joni Summitt who has a distinguished history at the company.

“I had an amazing time at EMC.  I was able to see the culture of the business and what job opportunities exist.  The job-shadow experiences helped me decide that EMC is the place I want to work; non-profit isn’t the right place for me.  At EMC, I had great conversations with the staff that led to an offer for a full internship next summer!”

Congratulations on a successful May Term course and we look forward to hearing more about that internship next summer!