Video Production Course

What better way to learn about video than to start doing it yourself?  Professor Carponelli (former video news reporter and anchor) puts students to work in COMM221 as they develop the video skills they will need in their future careers.

The students learn the basics of video shooting, processing and editing through experiential projects in topics including a news package, a title sequence, and a vlog.

For the final project of the semester, the students have an open-ended assignment to create a 2 minute video of their own design.  The students in the class come from both the Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations majors and all anticipate using video in their careers. Student recognize the importance video has in our current society and have relished the opportunity to develop the skills needed to make compelling videos.

Check out their work!

Videos include the work of two seniors, Julia Warfield and Kate Hayden, who created a farewell video; Aja Porter, junior, who created this video entitled “Captivate;” junior Bill Hitts made a sample Success at Simpson promo and more.