Using the TPACK Framework to Enhance Literacy Instruction

In the world of literacy there is great debate surrounding the transition from book-print to text-print.  The argument questions whether students require an entirely different set of skills to acclimate to online reading and comprehension that are different from those skills used when reading traditional print.  While both sides of this debate have merit, the proposed study will look into the broader realization that reflects the need for K-12 students to explore living and learning in a digital world.  Studies that focus on the impact technology has on motivation, academic achievement, ESL inclusion, and phonics/phonemic awareness development have been conducted; however, they are still relatively new in regards to the growing nature of technology.

With support from a Simpson SUSI grant, Dr. Kate Lerseth, Associate Professor of Education, and Emily Lane, an Simpson College junior, studied struggling readers’ motivation to read and the comfort level pre-service teacher candidates have with using technology as a teaching tool.

Kate and Emily presented their research at the 2014 Iowa Reading Association ESEA Title I Conference.  This conference attracts current teachers, administrators, AEA personnel, and college faculty from the Midwest.

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