Brittany Rempe: Vermeer

Written by Steffi Lee, Career Services Undergraduate Assistant

What was she up to?
Brittany Rempe ’15 spent her summer interning full-time in the Communications Department of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in Pella, Iowa.  Vermeer is a world leader of agriculture, construction, surface mining, tree care and more.

What strengths did Brittany demonstrate during her internship?
Brittany says she was able to demonstrate skills in communication, content creation and visual engagement through her internship. “I did interviews successfully and got to know many people on campus,” she said. “I also communicated any problems or progress I was having on my projects as well.” She took photos of visitors on campus and also contributed to a monthly newsletter.

What other opportunities did she have during her internship?
Brittany had plenty of opportunities during her time at Vermeer. “I am hoping to get into employee relations, and this internship was in a department which focuses on internal communication,” she said. She was able to work directly with team members on crafting visuals. “This gave me some great insight on how people use their artistic abilities in corporate life,” she said.

What did her supervisor have to say about her work?
Kate Guess, Director of Communication, shared, “Brittany has strong professional communication skills.  Her written work has improved greatly to be more relevant to a employee-centric group, she has a strong voice and she has proven photography skills — all professional skills that will be valuable in her career path.”

Why does Brittany feel it is important for students to intern?
“I think students should intern because it gets you real life experience,” she said. “Learning how to do things in school is nowhere near the same as doing work in a real corporation. Even if you’re not able to use your skills as much as you would like, if you’re not able to contribute as much as you think you could due to your intern status, you still get a feel for how a boss to employee relationship works.” Brittany says internships provide insight that students can never learn in school.

Does she feel like this internship made her more marketable for future employers?
“I absolutely think this internship made me more marketable,” she said. She is currently putting together a portfolio of everything she has worked on in school, but having the corporation touch makes her compilation much more professional.

Are you interested in interning with or working for Vermeer?  Representatives will be on campus for the October 29th Business and Communications Career Fair.  Put on your professional clothing, polish your resume, and come visit with them.