Anna Sherry: YMCA

Written by Steffi Lee, Career Services Undergraduate Assistant

What was she up to?A  Sherry Headshot
Anna Sherry ’15, an exercise science major,  interned at the YMCA in O’Fallon, Missouri.  As part of her internship, Anna helped with both administrative tasks and wellness roles.  Administratively, Anna attended meetings, practiced scheduling, and planned events.  On the wellness side, Anna shadowed training sessions, health assessments, and fitness classes.  She also had a client of her own, completing personal training and doing assessments every 6 weeks to track progress.

How did she find out about her internship?
Anna found out about her internship through Simpson College. “During one of Bobbi Meyer’s presentations over internships, she explained the best ways to contact businesses, how to write and review a resume and how to write a cover letter,” she said. “I used her tips and tricks to contact the YMCA and ended up landing the internship.”

What strengths did Anna demonstrate during her internship?
Anna says she was able to demonstrate organization, diligence and reliability. “I was extremely busy this summer juggling this internship, two jobs and two summer classes,” she said. “Therefore, I was exceptionally organized to meet all my deadlines and to show up on time and prioritize what needed to be done first.”

What other opportunities did Anna have during her internship?

Anna was able to meet plenty of different individuals in this profession. “I worked closely with my supervisor, who gave me great insight on the administrative works behind the scenes of the wellness portion of the Y,” she said. “I also interacted with many trainers while I shadowed their training sessions and also helped them with small business projects.” She also learned about different training tips that were beneficial to her.

Why does Anna feel it is important for students to intern?
“Students should intern because it is a great way to gain experience in your career field,” she said. “Internships might seem intimidating at first, but they are a great way for students to gain knowledge and get hands-on learning experience.” Anna says employers are looking for abilities to implement knowledge while on the job, which is what an internship allows students to realize.

Does Anna feel like this internship made her more marketable for future employers?
“I think my internship at the YMCA made me more marketable for future employers because the YMCA is a national organization that is known for community involvement and social responsibility,” she said. Anna also says she was able to build a great network that will help her in the future.