Mary Galanis: Hewlett-Packard

Written by Steffi Lee, Career Services Undergraduate Assistant

What was she up to?
Mary Galanis interned at Hewlett-Packard in Conway, AR and worked on interacting with different sales representatives to learn about the field.

How did she find out about her internship?
Mary looked on the Hewlett-Packard careers website and found the internship on her own. She then worked with her adviser, Mark Green, throughout the application process. He helped by providing her with advice on how to market her previous internship experience and how to successfully complete a phone interview.

What strengths did Mary show in her internship?
Mary said, “My first strength was communication. I was not afraid to get on the phone with customers to talk about their IT environment and if they had a need for HP now or somewhere down the line.” She said she wasn’t afraid to ask the representative she was working with questions about what they were doing and how she could help. Mary also showed time management skills and made sure she worked around the schedules of the representative she was sitting with and did not leave the office until all of her tasks were completed. She said this internship also allowed her to show confidence.

What did her supervisor have to say about her work?
Kevin McLaughlin, Vice President of Inside Sales, commented, “Mary is one of the best interns I’ve seen throughout my years in sales!”

Why does Mary feel it is important for students to intern?
“I think students should intern because it gives them a taste of their future career and the opportunity to gain invaluable mentors during the process,” she said. “Internships can also change your hypothetical career path, which allows you to come out of your collegiate career prepped to do what you love.”

Does she think this internship made her more marketable to future employers?
“Internships definitely make you more marketable to future employers because you have experience in your chosen field and exposure to real business processes,” she said. “It also proves your motivation and drive to get a jump start on your future before you have a chance to take on something full-time after graduation.”