Second edition of “Program Arcade Games” released

Dr. Paul Craven released the second edition of his book “Program Arcade Games With Python and Pygame.” The book takes a student from knowing nothing about being able to program, to creating simple video games. This book is the basis of his CMSC 150 “Introduction to Programming” course.

The text of the book is available for free electronically at The book is available from Amazon in paper format and in Kindle format. It is also available from Barnes and Noble.

The website currently gets over 2,000 visitors each weekday and is used as an introductory course for students world-wide.

Program Arcade Games Book Cover

Program Arcade Games

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  1. dan on June 24, 2015

    I see there is a 3rd edition in paper on Amazon.
    What’s new in the 3rd edition compared to the second?

    Thank you for your time and interest

    • Paul Craven '94 on June 24, 2015

      In the 3rd edition, two main changes. The examples and text were updated to better explain and show class variables vs. static variables. The second major change, the chapter on Excel macros was removed. There were many minor updates to improve students’ understanding of the material based on there feedback.