Simpson senior Laura Smith presents literature paper at professional conference

Senior Laura Smith presented an academic paper at the 5th Annual Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities (MUCH), held at Wartburg College on November 7, 2015.

Laura talked to us about her experience:

At MUCH 2015, I presented content from an essay I had written for a Spanish literature class. Although my essay had originally been written in Spanish, I delivered my conference presentation in English. I focused on the evolution of detective fiction since the emergence of this type of literature in Spain. Typically, in the past, detective fiction showcased a male-dominated character list, always having male detective leads. As times have changed, the female detective novel has come to light, showcasing female principal detectives and the struggles that they often face because of their gender.

LauraSmithMUCH2015In this presentation, I discussed struggles that female detectives face, gender expectations for female detectives, and the ways in which female detectives evolve over the course of their investigations. I felt that my presentation was successful, as I provided my audience with a basic understanding of my topic, as well as sources to back up the information that I was presenting. I enjoyed my time at MUCH and greatly appreciate the funding that was provided for me so that I was able to attend the conference.

¡Enhorabuena, Laura!