Maxine Lauzon presents media studies paper comparing U.S. and French cinema

Marketing and French double-major Maxine Lauzon presented her academic work at the 5th Annual Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities (MUCH), held at Wartburg College on November 7, 2015.

Maxine explains the ideas behind her project:

This was my first time attending, or presenting, at the Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities (MUCH). My presentation focused on comparing French and U.S. cinema, and linking their differences to their respective cultural values. The cultural values for each country were taken from cultural critic Robert Kohls’s book The Values Americans Live By. To effectively compare these two cultures I used two French films and their U.S. adaptations as well as a French and U.S. film that contained a similar type of protagonist. My investigation found that, not only did the films reflect the cultural values that Kohls expressed, but those values also gave an indication of purpose of films within the respective cultures.

Maxine joined 13 other students as well as a number of faculty members at the conference, which they were able to attend thanks to the financial support of Simpson College.

Félicitations, Maxine!


Maxine Lauzon presenting her media studies paper at the Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities (MUCH) on November 7, 2015

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