Tahiti Adventure

Hello from Tahiti!
We have been here for two months now and have officially started the countdown to go back home. This experience overall has been such a wonderful blessing. We have been able to learn so much from the people that surround us and we have also been able to learn about ourselves. We have faced many challenges, as well as we have gotten to enjoy the beauty of the people, the view, and the culture. It is amazing how many different things there exist in this world and often time we are ignorant of it. This past week was full of great of adventures, from meeting famous sculptors to discovering the treasures of Tahiti.

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit Teva Victor, a very famous rock sculptor and the only one in Tahiti. It was great being able to hear from a person that has such a strong connection with his environment. Being an artist who has so much contact with his surroundings has enabled him to find the balance between man and land. His thoughts and what he said to us was all so deep and it really made us reflect upon our lives. How he was able to portray the beauty of French Polynesia from rocks that at the beginning look not so attractive, like any other rock, but as he cut in deeper, the real beauty is found and ready to be shown to the world. He told us about how he does not impose anything on the rocks, but he lets the energy of the rock guide his next movement. It was great to see the respect he had for the environment and how he emphasized that we are only part of the big thing and that’s the reason why he leaves the original form of the rock on one side, to show how everything was here before us.

On Saturday, the people from the place we are staying at took us to a tour around Tahiti. Even though we have been here for two months already, there were so many places we had never seen before. We visited the tomb of King Pomare, Point Venus, a blowhole, two different cascades, a grotto, a plantation of the Tahitian flower “Tiare”, and a surfing beach. Throughout the day we were able to hear traditional Tahitian music played by a band that rode with us during the entire trip was. It so refreshing for all of us to see the nature of these people, how they are always so happy and willing to help us. At one point of this wonderful trip we stopped at a beach with the traditional black sand beaches and we had a Tahitian lunch. The lunch was composed of “taro” (comes from the family of potatoes), breadfruit (a fruit that tastes like bread), “fei” (like a banana but bigger and boiled), “poisson cru” (raw fish with carrots, cucumbers and coconut milk), and spinach with chicken. It has been beautiful to interact so much with the Tahitian culture and the tour was very special in particular because we got to enjoy one day of full Tahitian immersion.