4 Apps Perfect for Staying on Track During Finals Week

Don’t you hate technology sometimes? Well, you obviously don’t hate it, but you have to admit it’s definitely a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing in the sense that we are able to effectively do our homework, research and find all kinds of information and hand in our assignments on time to our professors. It’s a curse because every time we have intentions of being focused and productive, there is always that notification that pops up on our phone screaming, “GIVE ME ATTENTION!”

Almost always giving in to this notification, we find ourselves being less productive and wasting time on our devices rather than getting what we need to get done.

With finals coming up and seniors moving on to the next big stage of their lives, it’s going to be a very stressful time for everyone. Have no fear, we have 4 apps that will help you remain on task and focused during the most stressful time of your existence, probably.


 The Any.do app is a way for individuals to organize their tasks without the annoyance of going back and forth with a calendar. It’s simple enough to create a to-do list and it syncs up with all of your devices so your list can be accessed from anywhere.

Another great feature is being able to check off or remove all completed tasks from it.


College students are notorious for wanting access to all kinds of information and news. Especially being within a journalism and political field you need to be in the ‘know’ at all times. Feed.ly was created to address this specific problem by creating a way to consolidate all of your news into one feed.

Just open your feed.ly app and you will see everything all in one place rather than clicking on multiple applications.


Are you someone who is frequently forgetful? No need to worry because once you download Studious, all you have to do is enter in the deadline of your homework, the time of your next lecture or time of your next time and this app will remind you about it in a sufficient amount of time.


Would you look at that? An app to help you stay focused and free of distractions. SelfControl blocks certain websites that can distract you from studying and it does it for the set amount of time you determine.

Once you complete all of your necessary tasks or studying, you are free to get back to your favorite social media sites!