Simpson College Adds Sports Communication & Interactive Media Programs

Photo by Daniel Williams via Creative Commons

Multimedia Communication at Simpson College is expanding student opportunities with new majors and minor in sports Communication and interactive Media.

The Simpson faculty approved the new programs last spring, and students can now begin declaring the new majors and minors.

Multimedia Communication chair Brian Steffen says the new majors will help students prepare for the changing world of media and communication.

“We think both of these majors are in new and growing fields that are very popular to students on campus and thinking about attending Simpson,” Steffen said.

The Multimedia Communication faculty also want to make it easy for current students in the current programs of multimedia journalism and public relations to transition into the new areas of study.

Taia Veren, a Simpson junior whose major is public relations, began her interactive media minor this semester. She says she’s adding it to get an edge in marketable job skills.

“I think interactive media will make me stand out, because I won’t just be a writer or a speaker,” she said. “I’ll have design and technical skills that will help me to be more marketable than someone without a variety of skills.”

Steffen said Simpson is one of two schools in Iowa offering interactive media and that there are no other sports communication programs in the state.

Along with making Simpson a unique place to study Multimedia Communications, Steffen said the new programs increased interest in the department among prospective students.

“Our interest in Multimedia Communication among students enrolling at Simpson College generally has increased by about 50 percent in the past year,” he said.

Steffen said the Multimedia Communication faculty hope the new areas of study will keep students enthusiastic about their professional futures.