Trey Thompson: Tyler Technologies


What is he up to?

Trey Thompson ’19 spent his summer interning for Tyler Technologies located in Ames, Iowa. Tyler Technologies provides integrated software and technology services to the public sector. At Simpson, Thompson is majoring in mathematics with a double minor in secondary education and coaching.


How did he hear about the internship opportunity?

Trey was able to land the internship through connections within his family. His grandfather formerly worked there and his mother presently works at Tyler Technologies.


What does a typical day include at his internship?

Thompson stated, “I showed up at 8 am and worked until 5 most days. I usually ran errands for everyone, bought new supplies needed for our new building we moved into, and organized the company database.”


What has been his favorite aspect of the internship?

Thompson’s favorite experiences at his internship included socializing with other co-workers and working in the new building.


What is the biggest takeaway from his internship/how will this internship benefit his future?

Thompson proclaimed, “This internship taught me how to analyze data and use excel to organize and represent the data to present to others in the company.”


What are his future plans?

In the future, Trey aspires to graduate from Simpson College and become a high school math teacher and cross country coach.


What advice does he have for Simpson students regarding internships?

Trey advises students to, “Make it a goal to work at an internship site before graduation. The work experience provides helpful skills in your field and also demonstrates a typical work environment.”




Graphic designed by Baillee Furst