Fake News!

Heard enough of fake news? A new May term course named for President Trump’s famous phrase, will explore theory, criticism, and literacy strategy in the media.

The course will not only focus on politics, but how students can sift through what is real and fake news. Deano Pape, Instructor of Multimedia Communication, is a new professor this year who plans to bring a lot of his own experience in debate to spark student dialogue.

Pape says the class will be discussion-filled to help challenge students and get them talking about current events.

“The framework for this is going to be looking at what the notion of fact is. We are going to disrupt what we see as traditional news sources and what we see as credible. That’s really the focal point behind this.”

Pape wants the class to be student-driven with discussions from any side. He wants them to be able to form opinions on current events, backed up with supporting information.

“I think it’s important to know where students get their news information. Most of it comes from their Apple News, or whatever is in their news feed. They’ll look at it, and get as much information as they need but not delve deeper. That is what this class is designed to do.”

One of the required assignments is a fallacy file where students will take articles from several news sources and document and label them. Students will also be looking at different news sources and how they portray Donald Trump.

Ultimately, Pape wants students to be able to articulate positions in regard to fake news by the end of the course as well as discerning credible vs non credible sources.

“I want students to walk out of here with a working knowledge and confidence to know where their news comes from.”

Pape says if successful in May term, he would like to continue the course. It is open to register.