Madison Behney: UnityPoint Health

What is she up to?

Madison Behney ’18 is currently interning for UnityPoint Health Des Moines Human Resources. At UnityPoint, she works as a recruiter for a nurse hiring project created to directly combat the nurse shortage in the company’s system.


How did she hear about the internship opportunity?

Behney  learned about it from the Director of Career Development and Civic Engagement Bobbi Sullivan. “She ended up giving me the contact info of their recruiter, I emailed over my resume and cover letter and got a phone call later that afternoon that they wanted to bring me in!” Behney said.


What is the biggest takeaway from her internship/how will this internship benefit her future?

Working at UnityPoint Health has increased Behney’s organization skills. “When you’re talking to 50-60 candidates a day and keeping track of hundreds of positions it’s definitely important that you keep on top of things!”

This internship also allowed for Behney to venture out of her comfort zone, and because of this, she now knows that Human Resources and/or Recruiting is something she wants to do in her future.


What are her next steps?

Behney said, “My internship has been extended so fingers crossed they keep me around for a while!”





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