Student Spotlight: Bailee Furst

Not many Simpson sophomores can say they are as involved as Bailee Furst. The public relations and english major also takes on two minors in political science and management.

In high school, Furst was the editor of the school paper, mock trial, and was the senior class treasurer.

She carried her extracurricular dedication with her to Simpson.

Just mentioning all of Furst’s involvement would take up a whole page. She is currently in Speech and Debate, is an SC leader, and holds various positions in public relations-related jobs around Simpson- just to name a few.

Furst says she likes being active here. “I enjoy just Simpson in general. Just being on campus makes me happy. I feel very at home here. I like being active in everything going on, especially the activities CAB puts on,” Furst said.

Read on to learn more about Bailee:

  • Majors: Public Relations and English; Minors: Political Science and Management
  • This past October I got the opportunity to attend the PRSSA National Conference in Boston. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about leadership, the professional field, and job opportunities. I met a lot of people in public relations, students and professionals a like. I also got to meet with graduate schools and employers from around the Boston area. This was an irreplaceable opportunity that I’m very grateful for getting to pursue.
  • The Communications Department at Simpson College has been incredibly supportive during my year and a half here. They’ve introduced me to opportunities like the PRSSA National Convention, internships, and the chance to attend the Iowa Author Awards Dinner, where I heard from and met John Irving. I’ve learned vital skills from classes I’ve had in the department, and from simply speaking with them in their offices. That’s the great thing about a place like Simpson, all the professors in my major know me by name, I know where their offices are, and their office hours. Any time I need something, I can come by and ask for advice, or I can just come by to talk.
  • Freshman year I was a Marketing Communications Intern for CemenTech. Starting this past April I began interning for Your Clear Next Step as a Communications Intern, and still hold this position. I just accepted a Digital Marketing Internship with Iowa Farm Bureau Federation for this summer.
  • I’m really unsure about what I want to do with my future. I have had a lot of social media and marketing experience, and it’s something I really enjoy. I’d love to continue down this path. I also would love to pursue a career in publishing, possibly as a writer myself. I want to eventually obtain a job on the East Coast, especially in Boston or New York City.