C Street Agency

The Simpson College Multimedia Department never ceases to improve its opportunities for students. A new on-campus public relations firm will allow students to have real-life experiences with client work.

The new firm, C Street Agency, works with local businesses and organizations to improve their social media, online content and media relations, and gives students the opportunity to experience what a real public relations firm is like.

Senior Alex Shier is the agency’s director. He started building the agency throughout the summer, building the clientele and preparing for its fall opening.

“C Street Agency has given us a platform to shift from hypothetical assignments to real, bottom line-oriented work. It provides the accountability and motivation that can’t be replicated in a classroom setting,” Shier said.

Currently, the agency has 12 employees and works with three clients. Students learn how to write press releases, manage social media, and working with their clients one-on-one.

They currently are working with Do More Iowa, the Simpson softball team, and Murphy Tower Service, LLC. Students working with these organizations had opportunities in organizing events and working with media relations.

Students with Do More Iowa and the Simpson softball team are working to improve the organizations’ online platforms and expand on their content. The softball team now has an Instagram account where “spotlights” on the players are posted.

Do More Iowa’s event Wags N Whiskers was attended by two of C Street’s members and was a great way for them to experience media relations in a public event.

Kassidy Krause is the account executive for Murphy Tower Service LLC., a telecommunications tower company out of Carlisle, Iowa.

The Murphy Tower group worked on projects recently with a touring event done by the Governor of Iowa’s Office for National Apprenticeship Week. The Carlisle company was one of many small businesses in Iowa chosen to participate. Members of the group were at the event to handle media relations.

“Coordinating actual PR plans that will be implemented and have an impact on a company is something unique for a student. Most students read about how to make plans or make plans for fake companies; we get to actually see it in action,” Krause said.