Josh Hof: Athene USA

Who did you work for?

Athene USA.


What did you do?

I worked as an actuarial intern on the model development and product development teams.


What did a typical day include at your site?

The exciting part of actuarial science is that there isn’t really a “typical day”. I have made enhancements in corporate model, on-boarded new products, assisted with pricing pension-risk-transfer deals, led team meetings, presented the results of my work to actuarial management, created tools to streamline processes, etc. 


How did you find out about your internship?

During my freshman year Rick Spellerberg helped me connect with Des Moines area companies. 

Why do you feel the internship was/is important? 

Internships serve as a gateway to full-time employment. A summer internship gives the company approximately three months to evaluate whether or not a candidate is fit for the position, and the student is also able to make an assessment on whether or not the career path/company is right for them. 


What are your next steps? 

I have accepted a full-time offer of employment from Athene USA in West Des Moines. Shortly after graduation, I will begin my career at Athene as an Actuarial Associate on the model development team. 


Graphic Designed and Edited by Baillee Furst