New York May Term

Simpson’s Multimedia Communications Department is preparing itself for another trip out of the Midwest.

This May Term, a group of thirteen students will travel to New York, along with Brian Steffen, the head of the department.

While in New York, students will have the opportunity to visit several places and learn about the big-city communications industry. “Will be going to eight locations over the course of five days,” Steffen said.

Currently, Steffen has booked American Express, Condé Nast and Two Sigma Ventures capital firm. Visits have also been confirmed at City University of New York and CNN.

Other places which are still waiting confirmation include CBS, Reuters News Services, Young and Rubicam advertising agency. Steffen is looking to get into Money Magazine and Etsy.

“We know what our students are interested in and are doing our best to connect with them and connect them with things they would enjoy seeing,” Steffen said.

Sophomore Tanner Krueger, will be going on the trip. The Sports Communications major is excited for the experience. “I am extremely excited to be in the city in general. I think going to see all the different organizations that are in a big city will be an awesome experience.”

Steffen said he created this course and carefully chose the places they will visit to cater to the individual students on the trip. He said he wants students to think about the possibility of a career outside the Midwest to see what kinds of jobs are available outside of the area.

“I want students to consider that they can make it anywhere,” Steffen said. “We want to have some fun, live the urban life for a few days, but have the students see some things that will help them prepare for the careers they’re interested in.”

Sophomore and public relations major, Blake Carlson, hopes he can receive a lot of benefits from the trip to use in the future. “I am hoping to gather information and gain credible experience about job opportunities on a larger scale.”

Steffen said there is still an open spot and any interested student is welcome to talk with him about registering.

Steffen said interested students can schedule appointments with him and he will choose to approve them. They can then go to SC Connect and approve.