What Happens in a Simpson C&G Class? MAGT 333

“Man, my co-workers are CRAZY!” It’s one thing to take a survey course in psychology or sociology and study the theories that define the behavior of individuals and groups in our society. Management 333 Organization and Behavior takes those theories and puts them into a context understood by all adult students … the workplace.

This course is a study of the behavioral aspects of life within an organization, examining individual and group dynamics and how a business is structured. Students gain awareness of the factors that lead to individual and organizational behavior, challenge their assumptions about group dynamics and learn problem-solving skills to address issues that might arise in a work environment.

Instructor John Walker, Assistant Professor of Management at Simpson College, brings a strong academic background in psychology and management to teaching this course, but also over 20 years of professional experience in all phases of administration and management. Walker is particularly interested in the intersection of human personalities and how they relate to organizations. Especially with the adult students in the class, there is real-time application for the issues Walker presents in class: “Students take the content from the classroom and apply it to their jobs the very next day.”

Group it Up

Teams … whether students love them or hate them, they are vital to a typical work environment. MAGT 333 carries a Collaborative Leadership designation, which means that for a good portion of the term, students will work in small groups toward a shared goal. They hone skills such as team building, delegation, conflict resolution, and effective communication in a project management setting.

The value of team focused research and presentations is that the class gets to evaluate issues such as the collaborative effect, the benefits of brainstorming and the struggles of group think. According to Walker, it is an opportunity for student to “focus on team level tasks and team level problem solving skills that are sought after by employers.”

C&G Management Major, Jenny Christensen says about the class, “I have learned an immense amount of different management methods and techniques … how businesses choose different organizational models and designs.”

It’s just another night of class in Simpson College C&G.

(photo credit: Andrea Biklen)