Packing Sucks!

By: Kaitlyn Klommhaus

I have been in Chile now for just shy of a month. The trip is going insanely fast and we have done so many new things already! Concepción, Chile has a unique charm. It has everything someone would want from a big city, but still feels like a close knit community. There are so many exciting things to do and new things to try. Being my first time studying abroad, there have already been some mistakes I have made.

The first mistake I made when coming on the trip was over-packing.  I am talking two full suitcases of clothes that were vacuum sealed in bags to have as much room as possible. Fun fact: Chile has small everything, that includes closets! When trying to decide what to bring, I took in consideration the weather. During the first part of our trip, the temperatures have been great! Tons of sunshine and between 65 and 70 degrees. I am glad that I took that into consideration when I decided to bring a few pairs of shorts and tank tops. However, I ended up bringing twelve pairs of shorts or skirts and dresses.

For the second half of our trip, it is going to be slightly cooler and rainy most of the time. For this weather, I packed jeans and sweaters. No one person needs fifty outfit combinations for a four month trip! Looking back now, I should have only brought what I would actually wear. I do not know why I brought a skirt that I have not worn since Easter of my sophomore year of high school.

For those people like me that tend to over-pack for everything, pack everything you want to bring and then take half of it out. You can do laundry while you are traveling and you will also end up shopping and buying new clothes to wear too. It is nice to have a different outfit for everything you do, but in reality, you will wear leggings just as much as you do during the normal school year. You will only do your makeup on really good days and you will absolutely not wear that one pair of high heels that you could not live without! If you absolutely need something last minute, chances are there is a four story mall very close by. One of the greatest tips I learned, after arriving in Chile, is “pack for half the time you will be gone.”